About the Office of Alumni Relations


The Office of Alumni Relation aims to create a lifelong positive community of alumni through offering meaningful opportunities to the students and graduates for increasing awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and positive commitment not only limited to the university but to the entire society as a whole. 

Our mission is to build a strong database of graduates who are willing to benefit the university and students through a series of professional, social, and networking events. In addition to strengthening the relationship between the alumni team and the AAU Alumni Association Board members to help reconnect with alumni and introduce fresh ideas towards the success of the graduates and students. Part of the Community Engagement Department- Career Development unit- is to invite prominent graduates and influential speakers to conduct student workshops and intensive trainings to support existing student and graduates to grow and/or develop in their career path.




The goal of the Office of Alumni Relations is to help position the university as one of the top universities in the UAE through fostering a positive relationship between the graduates and the university. Our alumni become a valuable factor to the university and the connection with them brings greater value to themselves, the students, and the community.