Sports and Gymnasium

There are qualified gymnasium trainers and health careers who supervise the students on all sports facilities. The following facilities are available on campus:

  Al Ain Abu Dhabi
Multi-sports Hall 822 Sq m  -
Fitness Hall 127 Sq m 320 Sq m
Outdoor fields - 1
Bodybuilding Hall 1 2
Aerobic Classrooms 1 1
Chest-building Hall 1 2
Treadmills 3 4
Bicycles 3 4
Tennis Table 2 1
Baby Foot Table 1 2

In addition to, tennis, volley ball, basketball, handball, and football. Great attention has been given to coordinating timings for male and female students to ensure the facilities are available to the largest number of students.



The University provides lounges so that students can take a break between lectures allowing them to practice various social activities.


Theatre/Events Hall

AAU’s campus holds a small theatre that also functions as a seminar room. The hall can be used for meetings with students, seminars, cultural events, plays, etc.



Al Ain University hosts one mosque and two prayer rooms in the male’s section, and two prayer rooms in the female section. The aim of this service is to provide students with a quiet, suitable place to pray throughout the day.