The University offers grants to the General Secondary School students according to the following criteria:

  1. The top five students in the country are offered a full grant;
  2. Students who achieve a grade average of 95% or above in the General Secondary School, in either the literary or scientific streams, are offered a grant that is equivalent to a 40% discount of the fees for the credit hours they register for at AAU;
  3. Students who achieve a grade average of between 90% and 94.9% in the General Secondary School, in either the literary or scientific streams, are offered a grant equivalent to a 30% discount of the credit hour fees.
  4. For the continuation of a grant, the student’s Accumulative Grade Average in each academic semester should not be less than 3.6, and the student must register for at least 15 credit hours.


The university offers ‘excellence grants’ that are equivalent to 30% of the credit hour fees to any student whose general grade point average in a semester is not less than 3.6, with the condition that he/she has completed 15 credit hours in that semester.


The University offers grants for one academic semester to students with excellence in sports as follows:

  1. 30% to those who receive Gold Medals;
  2. 20% to those who receive Silver Medals;
  3. 10% to those who receive Bronze Medals.


The university offers grants for one semester for students who distinguish themselves in cultural and social activities. The Fund Committee shall assess the amount of such a reward on a case-by-case basis.


Deanship Facilities

- Gym

  • AAU provides students, male and females, with sport facilities on campus and off campus (Hager and Dahma’ Hall).
  • In the gym, there are professional trainers for the students in various sports.
  • The university offers all facilities, on and off campus, needed for athletic activities.
  • The Gym offers the following facilities:



  Facility Area/Number
1 Hall for male 50   Sq m
2 Hall for female 150 Sq m
3 Multi-gym Nine Stations 1
4 Chest Machine with bars 80 Kg 1
5 Electric Running Machine 4
6 Bicycle Machine 2
7 Tennis table 2
8 Baby Foot 1
9 Aerobic Facilities 5



  • The Sports Halls offer the following facilities:



  Sports Halls 2
1 Tennis 2
2 Volley Ball 2
3 Basketball 2
4 Handball 2
5 Football 2
6 Green Area Football 1


- Lounges

The University provides students with lounges in each campus, for males and females. Here students can take a break between classes, socialize, wait for the bus, and study. The lounges are air conditioned and comfortably furnished to provide students with an atmosphere that encourages their various social and academic activities.


- Mosque

Al Ain University hosts four small mosques on campus; two for the males; two for the females. The aim of this service is to provide students with a quiet, suitable place to pray throughout the day.