Activities Plan (Second Semester 2019- 2020)

Month Type Of Activity Activity / Effectiveness 

Cultural & Social


Welcoming the new students in the Admission and Registration Unit
Abu Dhabi Science Festival
Tour of the Expo site
Health Blood Donation Event

The Strongest Student at the University (Males)
Top Ride (Females)

February  Cultural & Social        AAU President Meeting with New Students
Scientific Excellence Competition
AAU Honor List Ceremony
Health “World Cancer Day” awareness event (2/15)

Collective games league for colleges
(Basketball + volleyball)

March Cultural & Social International Women’s Day (8/ 3) 
”Make A Wish” Initiative
International Day of Happiness(20/ 3) 
Mother’s Day(21/ 3) 
International Day
Sports National Sports Day
April Cultural & Social

Training workshops on different social media

Hosting an influential character in social media

A lecture about the traffic points program
(Abu Dhabi Police)

Health "World Health Day" Event(7/ 4)
Sports Collective games league for colleges (football)
Bouncing balls Activity
Preparing the best "Healthy Lunch Box"
Finale Celebration of the end of the academic year 2019-2020
May Cultural & Social Holy month of Ramadan Event
Ramadan Iftar for students
Eid Al-Fitr event
Sports Fitness Classes
June Social Charitable activity (cold beverages distributed to reduce the heat of the sun)
Water Fight Competition

* Expected Activities Plan to be implemented during second semester 2019 - 2020