AAU organized Al Etihad football championship


An exciting competitive atmosphere is spreading at Al Ain University of Science and Technology within the Al Etihad football championship, which is organized by the Administrative Unit in collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs on the occasion of the 46th UAE National Day.

The championship was inaugurated with an exciting match between the academic and the administrative staff, while the rest of the competition continues between the administrative staff and the AAU students from different colleges. As a result of a series of interesting matches, the College of Law team and the College of Communication and Media team are in the top until now with 12 points per team. The coronation of the winners team will be within the 46th national day celebrations at AAU, Abu Dhabi Campus.

Al Etihad championship is the first tournament held at the Al Ain University, where its matches are played according to the FUTSAL roles.

Dr. Amer Qasem, AAU Vice President commented: “We at Al Ain University of Science and Technology are keen to support sports talent in order to encourage young people and members of society to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle”.

The aim of this tournament comes from the belief of AAU to provide students with a variety of skills in the fields of sports, culture, art and social sciences, as well as the scientific skills and knowledge they acquire from the university according to their specialization.


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