AAU hosts Sheikha Shamma Bint Mohammed on Women’s International Day


Al Ain University of Science and Technology was honored to host Her Highness Sheikha Dr Shamma Bint Mohammed Bin Khaled Al Nahyan on Women’s International Day event, which was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain Campus.

Her Highness discussed several topics; such as; the reason why March 8 was chosen as international women day, Emirati women between the past and the present and her strong role in the family. She said that Every Emirati woman has suffered the life difficulties in the past, but with the UAE union and the directives of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, may God protect her, to establish the General Women's Union in the UAE, the UAE women had an active role in building the UAE.

She added, Emirati women have taken the lead by launching the National Strategy for Empowerment of Emirati women, which has played a strong role in empowering women and reaching their present level.

"Women are the ones who build generations," she said. "It is a great responsibility for them to educate a generation of leaders who are capable of building the nation. She advised the ladies to educate themselves, to read and to build their own future. And she added, "Women will continue to play an active role in building the future of the UAE under the support of good leadership”.

At the end, Her Highness provided special thanks to each mother and wife who presented the hero of Martyrs of the homeland. She also thanked the Al Ain University of Science and Technology and the Deanship of Student Affairs for hosting her and organizing the International Women's Day.

For her part, Dr. Ibtehal Aburezeq , Dean of Students Affairs, expressed the University's pride in hosting HH Sheikha Dr Shama Bint Mohammed bin Khaled Al Nahyan, one of the most prominent and leading women in the United Arab Emirates and who has had a positive impact and many achievements related to women's affairs and other intellectual fields. She also stressed the importance of the women role in society, which not only at home but in all fields.

It is worth to mention that the International Women's Day event was attended by women figures who have a positive impact and many achievements, also, the event has witnessed huge audience, which has been limited to women only. The event was also accompanied by exhibition “Zayed in our hearts”, which presented pictures of the biography of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul.


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