Awareness Workshop Entitled “Drugs, a Deadly Disease”

An awareness workshop titled "Drugs, a Deadly Disease" was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University (Al Ain Campus) in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Department. The workshop, presented by Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Salem Al Ameri, took place on the International Day against Drugs.

The workshop covered various aspects, including defining drugs and their detrimental effects on national security, society, and individuals. It also highlighted the main factors leading to addiction and stressed the significance of educating young people to prevent drug abuse. Additionally, the workshop emphasized the responsibility of every member of society, particularly the youth, to promote a culture of addiction prevention among their peers. The ultimate goal is to achieve a nation free from substance abuse and addiction.

Furthermore, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed emphasized that preventing drug abuse is a collective duty, and he underscored the role of families in monitoring and guiding children from an early age.


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