Student Activities


This division aims to set off all student activities. Students’ participation is embodies through forming student associations which lead to the student council. The activities are mainly divided into:


Athletic Activities

These activities seek to encourage and develop student’s athletic talents to allow athletically distinguished students to express themselves and their athletic abilities. Examples of athletic activities students can engage in include:

  • participation in athletic competitions and tournaments on the level of the college, university, and other institutions;
  • participation in the various fitness programs;
  • supervising the rangers’ activities and organizing camps inside and outside AAU.


Cultural and Social Activities

These activities mean to provide students with different literary, artistic, and poetic tools. They also seek to develop leadership, responsibility, and social adaptation skills. In addition, they enhance the positive relationship among students on the one hand, and between students and faculty members on the other. To achieve these aims, the division:

  • organizes lectures and seminars relating to social and cultural issues;
  • ensures student participation in preparing a periodical bulletin;
  • visits different public facilities that pertain to the awareness and humane side of the students such as museums and orphanages;
  • organizes various cultural competitions. 



The Scouts activity is an educational, voluntary, and non-political movement that is open to everyone; it aims at taking part in developing the youth’s physical, mental, social and spiritual abilities in order to become positive individuals who participate in the service of the local and national communities. The committee seeks to:

  • Prepare youth with integrated personalities and capable of wise leadership
  • Organize training camps during the academic year.