Student Services



The University provides students with transportation for nominal fees. This service covers Al Ain area as well as Al Yahar, Al Maqam, Mazyad, and Al Ain-Dubai Road all the way until Ramlet Al Ra’i. When scheduling bus trips, the University takes into consideration class times. AAU also provides a free shuttle service between AAU’s different campuses in Al Ain.


  • AAU provides modern cafeterias for male and female students.
  • Meals are served at reasonable prices.
  • Cafeterias provide soft and hot drinks, all types of sandwiches beside a hot- cooked meal for lunch or dinner.
  • Cafeterias provide service not only for commuting students, but also for those in the residences.
  • There is a direct and ongoing inspection for the cafeteria for staff and food by the local authority.
  • Evaluation of this service is carried out every semester by students for appropriate improvements.
  • Cafeterias open Sundays through Thursdays from 7:00 a.m.- 8:00 p. m.


Conveniently enough, in each campus of AAU, there are two bookshops; one for the males; the other for females. The main purpose of the bookshop is to provide students with required textbooks for their courses. Textbooks are available at the beginning of the semester to enable students to obtain their copies early on. In addition, the bookshop offers services such as photocopying and selling stationery.