Goals and Objectives

The Deanship of Student Affairs seeks to achieve several goals including:


  1. Facilitating the progress of university students and providing them with services that enable them to practice their university life in the best way possible.

  2. Introducing the freshmen to the AAU facilities as well as guiding and helping them overcome the first and most difficult stage in their university life.

  3. Activating the role of students in decision-making through their participation in the preparation and organization of sports, cultural, artistic and social development activities.

  4. Refining the students’ personalities educationally, psychologically, emotionally, and socially through supporting their tastes, interests and talents.

  5. Organizing meetings, lectures and participating in religious and national occasions and events.

  6. Supervising and organizing all student extra-curricular activities whether sports, cultural, or social.

  7. Supporting efforts at the university level which call for an environment of physical, psychological, and social well-being.

  8. Strengthening the bonds of national unity and sense of belonging to the nation and culture.

  9. Supporting the positive values ​​and habits in developing a new generation of university youth.

  10. Developing a culture of democracy, justice, equality, and respect for others in an embodiment of the idea of ​​the student parliament.

  11. Establishing student associations to facilitate the participation of students in various activities.

  12. Preparing students for the job market by providing them with the necessary skills, offering opportunities for training and rehabilitation, and assisting them in identifying suitable jobs in their fields.
  13. Staying in touch with the alumni to help them find suitable job opportunities.

  14. Developing and expanding health programs so that they meet the needs of all students.

  15. Fostering a spirit of teamwork and the importance of innovation, creativity as well as adapting to the changing circumstances.

  16. Fostering volunteer work, social cooperation, and the spirit of public service among students.

  17. Realizing that both a clear vision and hard work are necessary for a better future.