Activities and Achievements of the Association


The 23rd Forum for exchanging offers of students' training from Arab universities in the Al Ain University for Science and Technology 2017
Training students from different Arab universities and train  them in state institutions under the supervision of Al Ain University for Science and Technology 2017
Sending one of the university students for field training at Banha University - Egypt 2017
24th Forum of Exchanging Training Programs for Students of Arab Universities 2018
Sending students from Al Ain University for training under the supervision of Egyptian universities 2019

Participate in attending and following up all seminars and events organized by the Arab Council for Training and Student Creativity, as follows: 

  • Student Training Exchange Seminar, its importance, advantages and challenges.
  • Seminar on Leadership and Innovation in Arab Universities.
  • Seminar on preparing electronic curriculum in light of the Corona pandemic.
  • Seminar on Distance Education Quality Assurance Standards.

Participation in "A Seminar on Extracurricular Activities for University Students"

Speaker: Prof. Ibtihal Mahmoud Abu Rizk / Assistant General Secretary of the Association, Vice President for Development and Follow-up Affairs and Dean of Student Affairs

Attending the twenty-seventh annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Arab Council for Student Training and Creativity 2021
Participation in the seventeenth annual meeting of the institutions of the Association of Arab Universities
Attending the twenty-fourth forum for the exchange of training offers for Arab university students
Virtual Seminar: Arab Universities Students... together towards a promising future
Attending the 22nd Creative Student Forum 2021
The First Meeting of the Society Executive Committee  2022