Community Engagement Office


This office aims to strengthen the University’s ties with the community and to help advance it in all aspects so as to cater for the various needs and requirements. The University also exerts all effort to establish its place in the local community to enhance the society’s realization of AAU’s significance as an academic institution well- deserving of the community’s support to achieve its goal of providing the nation with a mature, intellectual generation that will serve the community in all aspects. The activities which help accomplish these goals include, but are not restricted to:

  • Offering high school top scoring students scholarships.
  • Delivering seminars and workshops for various institutions such as schools and colleges.
  • Contacting other universities to exchange experience and student activities.
  • Taking part in events organizations hold such as awareness campaigns.
  • Preparing for national events in line with the nation’s celebrations.
  • Organizing awareness campaigns for numerous issues of relevance and importance to the whole community such as breast cancer, smoking, and safe driving.
  • Arranging different visits to social organizations such as orphanages, and special needs’ centers.