Health Care Office


The University’s clinic provides primary health services, nursing care in addition to handling simple emergencies. In case of critical situations, a student would be transported to the nearest hospital by ambulance so that a specialized doctor would ascertain the situation and complete the necessary tests. Also, the clinic provides general guidelines and continuing health education for students as healthy food, attention to personal hygiene and how to get enough rest and sleep to achieve greater academic results.

The University Clinic arranges lectures on various awareness programs, in cooperation with external health institutions. Additionally, it participates in many global health events and celebrations.

One of the main services provided by the Health Care office is the health insurance service for students. The office issues health insurance cards for the students whose residency is issued by the University. In order to get a health insurance, students must submit the following documentation:

  1. A valid ‘To whom it may concern’ certificate issued from AAU.
  2. One personal photo.
  3. A copy of the Emirates ID.
  4. A copy of valid passport.
  5. A copy of valid visa.