AAU launches the “4th Scientific Excellence Competition”

Al Ain University in its both campuses Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, launched the Fourth session of the Scientific Excellence competition 2017-2018, with the participation of more than 40 schools from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Where this competition comes in the framework of the Al Ain University’s attention to support the talented students and to strengthen the spirit of fair competition between them.

The idea of the competition is to compete among the selected teams from each school by asking a variety of questions in literature, science, arts and technology. Accordingly, the winning teams will be filtered until the finals, eventually determining the winners of the three first places, where, the university has awarded valuable prizes to the winning schools.

AAU Chancellor, Dr. Noor Al Deen Atatreh was delighted to embrace and organize the Scientific Excellence Competition for the fourth time at AAU. He said; that the university has always supported the outstanding students and the dissemination of culture and creativity, and added that the participation in such competitions refines the students’ personalities, and enhances their sense of responsibility.

For his part, Prof. Ghaleb El Refae, AAU President, expressed the interest of Al Ain University in students’ excellence. He said that  Al Ain University was and still sponsors the talented ones and works in motivating them through rewards and prizes allocated for students since the mission of the university aims to encourage the spirit of competition and challenge and the determination of the students who represent the real addition to science and knowledge.

Dr. Ibtehal Aburezeq, Dean of Student Affairs, was pleased to host the students from different schools. She added that organizing these kinds of competitions significantly contributes to the development of the students' personalities as well as their mental abilities and cultural thoughts, as well as encouraging them to seek scientific interest.

It is noteworthy that the Science Excellence Competition is the first competition of its kind at the level of UAE universities organized by Al Ain University annually.


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