Collaboration between Al Ain University and the UAE Volunteers platform to enhance volunteer work

A collaboration between Al Ain University, represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs (Abu Dhabi campus), and the UAE Volunteers platform, aims to enhance volunteer work. The university seeks to broaden the scope of volunteer activities, instill the concept of social responsibility, promote a culture of volunteerism, and contribute to building a better and more advanced society. This collaboration involves encouraging initiatives and events organized by the university for the benefit of the local community in the United Arab Emirates in general, and specifically for the students.

This collaboration stems from Al Ain University's commitment to enhancing the role of its students and shaping their personalities by encouraging their participation in various forums and activities within the country. The university aims to develop the leadership and organizational skills of its students and contribute to reducing their idle time by directing their energies positively and integrating them into the local community.

Students from Al Ain University who volunteer through the UAE Volunteers platform receive accredited volunteer hours and volunteer certificates from the organizing entity. Recent graduates benefit from volunteer work by gaining diverse experiences and improving their social communication skills through interaction with the community. Additionally, unique volunteer ideas may receive financial support for implementation.

The UAE Volunteers platform is the first of its kind, the largest in the country, and a comprehensive, interactive platform aimed at organizing volunteer efforts in the UAE. It enables volunteers to seamlessly perform their community tasks in a suitable environment.


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