AAU welcomed its freshmen students in Abu Dhabi Campus


Al Ain University welcomed its freshmen students who have joined the university with the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 2016-2017, within the “Freshman Welcoming Orientation” which was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at Abu Dhabi Campus.

The meeting started with the National Anthem followed by a welcoming speech delivered by student Sara Al Kaabi on behalf of the student council at the university.

Dr. Amer Qasem –AAU Vice President in (Abu Dhabi Campus)- welcomed and expressed his pleasure with new students. He also stressed on that, the university embraces all their creativity and talents and wished them a successful year.

For his part, Dr. Iyad Abdulmajeed –Deputy Dean of Student Affairs- greeted the professors and new students, he provided a presentation about the Deanship of Student Affairs, its goals, functions and activities, then he pointed out the most prominent university’s terms, student’s rights, how to evaluate students and the methods of calculating the GPA.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Abdulmajeed provided his special thanks to all the attendees.


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