AAU promotes tolerance and coexistence

On the occasion of the World Tolerance Day, the Deanship of Student Affairs in cooperation with the College of Business organize a lecture on Basics of Sustainable Tolerance, presented by Mr. Abd Albaset Ibrahim from Zayed House for Islamic Culture.

Mr. Abd Albaset talked about His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was a man of tolerance, coexistence and peace. His approach was followed by the UAE leaders and nation who have become an example of coexistence, tolerance, good, prosperity and mutual respect.

The lecture addressed various topics including the sustainability of religious tolerance, the social foundations of religious tolerance, family tolerance, universal tolerance, as well as, the relation between tolerance to law and happiness.

This aim of the lecture was to spread the principles and values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, and spreading friendship and love among individuals.



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