AAU spread the positive energy with the beginning of the academic year


In collaboration with Kaizen Training and Events Management, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus, organized an active lecture about the Positive Energy and Self-Motivation, presented by Dr. Mariam Suliman, Trainer, and Consultant in happiness science and positive psychology.

Dr. Mariam talked about the positive energy principles, Self-motivating methods to enhance positivity, which reflects on the student’s performance and relationships in the university environment. She also reviewed the ways to enable students to understand the concept of positivity and its importance as a competitive advantage, and to clarify the behavioral characteristics of the positive student, in addition to the most important practices that make the energy positive and happiness, as a usual habit in our life.

Dr. Hani Al-Jarrah stressed on the importance of this lecture in enhancing the positivity of the students, especially at the beginning of the academic year, to encourage them to start a new year full of vitality and activity.


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