The College of Communication and Media promotes the concept of journalism responsibility among its students


The College of Communication and Media, in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University, Al Ain Campus, organized a workshop entitled, ‘Responsible Journalism’, with the aim of linking the learning outcomes in the colleges with extracurricular activities.

The workshop was presented by Mr. Barakat Ahmed Shalatoh- journalist in Al Bayan newspaper, in the presence of Dr. Rahima Essani- Dean of the College of Communication and Media, Dr. Riyad Jaljali- Director of the Communication and Media Program, and a number of faculty members in the college.

Mr. Barakat stressed the importance of creating a responsible and impartial media generation, whose goal is to convey truthful information away from excitement; Which may lose Journalistic credibility in the future. He also showed the students how to write sober media news in terms of the compatibility of writing with the values ​​and customs of society, and also stressed the importance of compatibility with the attached images so that they are expressive of the news.


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