Students visit the National Center of Meteorology

The deanship of Student Affairs/ Abu Dhabi Campus organized a visit to the National Center of Meteorology in recognition of the Year of Sustainability. The visit aimed to raise awareness about the critical issue of climate change and its impact on local and global communities.

During the visit, students were given a tour of the center's facilities and departments, where they learned about the work environment, best practices, and modern technologies and systems used in the field of meteorology. The program also included a comprehensive explanation of meteorology, climate, humidity, rain-seeding processes, and earthquakes, as well as a visit to the innovative four-dimensional scientific dome, which displays information and data on meteorology, geophysics, and rain-seeding sciences.

Dr. Nuha Hamada, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, emphasized the importance of this visit in developing a deeper understanding of the impact of climate change and the role it plays in achieving sustainable development goals. The students expressed their excitement about this educational and scientific experience, which allowed them to gain a greater appreciation of their environment and to encourage further research in the field of climate science.


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